V2 Advisers helps your business equitably access resources that enable you to operate in the business mainstream at the speed of change.

Our Services

V2 Advisers offers strategic planning, business planning and diversity, equity and inclusion education. We focus on effectively addressing diverse markets to support client sustainability and profitability. V2 Advisers uses best practices and methodologies at all time for all client services.

Strategic Planning Facilitation

V2 Advisers assists in the design, execution and documentation for each session of the strategic planning process as well as the setting of next steps. This includes coaching your leadership team through the selection of the strategic planning team and an appropriate plan design, environmental scans, S.W.O.T. analysis along with an overarching organizational vision and core organizational values.

V2 Advisers provides access to high levels of expertise throughout the strategic planning process, helps develop appropriate performance measures and assists with a variety of planning projects across business functions.

Business Operations Planning and Process Improvement

V2 Advisers will write your business plan and can help you review and enhance or design and develop process design across business functions in order to improve operational efficiencies and performance. We work with business owners at all levels and with key stakeholders in larger organizations to identify and determine changes necessary to improve operational processes, maximize services and efficacy and establish best practices.

For Non-Profit and Economic Development Organizations

V2 Advisers provides a variety of consulting services to non-profit organizations and economic development organizations including business development and fundraising strategic services, strategic governance and operations review, and facilitated governance training.

We provide small business development program design for technical assistance, financial literacy and business planning that support CDBG funding policies, Community Reinvestment Act, and CDFI SBA microloans.

Successful business requires capital and we are passionate about helping clients be bankable and/or investable. We combine character and process to help you adopt best business practices aligned with a business model acceptable to funding sources.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Our founder is passionate about educating companies in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) principles for the workforce, workplace and marketplace. V2 Advisers provides services that help create a healthy workplace by connecting personal and corporate values that harmonize
with corporate cultural values.

Customized Internal DEI Training:

  • Understand basic and advanced diversity, equity and inclusion principles
  • Work to eliminate bias using emotional intelligence
  • Improve workplace relationships
  • Facilitate roundtable conversations that create a safe environment for executives and teams to learn and discuss daring topics

Customized Marketplace DEI Training:

  • Understand the significance and value of supplier diversity
  • Establish and strengthen minority supplier relationships
  • Set up supplier diversity policies and best practices
  • Track metrics and performance for marketplace diversity goals

Customized DEI Speaking Engagements:

  • Facilitate company “town hall” forums to help address topics of interest, share feedback and/or communicate new company information
  • Write keynotes that help your company or conference set the tone for diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Board retreats to address diversity, equity and inclusion in the context of good governance

We create belonging by facilitating discussions that provoke thought, encourage participation and share resources in a safe environment, thereby stimulating learning and connecting personal and corporate values in harmony with workplace culture.