When starting a business, owners and executives often believe they can significantly influence people’s lives by introducing novel beliefs and unique ideas that enhance value; yet most fall short when it comes to laying a solid foundation for managing growth.  V2 Advisers helps you create and strengthen the proper foundation on which to build throughout your ongoing business growth cycles.

Our Background

V2 Advisers brings over 25 years of senior-level experience in business start-up and business growth over a variety of industries including not-for-profit, financial services and software technology. A combination of cross-functional transformational leadership and good-governance expertise guides our work and contributes to the accuracy and velocity of our service delivery.

Our Value

Strategic Vision

A 1500’s proverb says: "You can't see the forest for the trees." V2 Advisers sees your forest -- we recognize tactical and operational patterns over the history of your business and craft strategies to drive your company’s mission with a renewed vision.

Depth of Engagement

With you for the long haul, we immerse ourselves in your processes and culture to ensure that our results continue to reflect your brand. We gather, connect, converse, coach and consult with your team and stakeholders to ensure that we capture and magnify the essence of your vision.

Relevant Networks

V2 Advisers capitalizes on strong relationships across myriad sectors to help clients find mutually rewarding interests that support business growth, build trust, guide ethical decisions and promote values that align with your vision and our work.

Adaptable Delivery Model

We work the way you do, adapting to your needs and remaining flexible.

Our Process

We start by developing a set of essential questions relevant to your desired results. After carefully analyzing the answers to these questions, we apply a deductive method that captures and addresses gaps in your operations and processes that may be creating preventable risk and hindering your progress and ultimately your success. This approach is based on sound project management principles that we carry through the entire scope of our work on your account.

V2 Advisers engages you with high impact recommendations for problem solving that:

  • Prioritize the unique strengths and desired results of your business
  • Help your business attain a profitable presence in rapidly changing markets
  • Implement straightforward solutions that engage you and your team in the immediate term, and
  • Solidify solutions that you can continue to rely on through ongoing business growth cycles.

We believe that companies are most successful when diversity, equity and inclusion are embedded in everything they do. These values always inform our best practices within our deliverables model.

Our Work Ethic

  • We do what we say we will do. We always pursue our work based on honesty and trust.
  • We value time.  We cannot use it twice and we understand that you pay us to be productive.
  • We respect all and actively listen.  These are essential to our culture and to the accuracy of our work.
  • We value lasting relationships. We work hard to make your engagements mutually rewarding.
  • We understand exclusion and outdated traditions. We are driven to promote equity and diversity.
  • We mix technology and innovation with serious organizational and financial skills to ensure your long-term benefit.
  • We are ultimately accountable for your future success.
Varsovia Fernandez CEO of V2 Business Advisers

Our People

We draw on our regional network to assemble a team of experts with the skills matched to the task at hand. Our team includes senior practitioners in:

  • Strategy
  • Marketing & Communications Strategy
  • Project management
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion